I created this blog because I love to write... I find it a release because sometimes you are not able to share with others how you feel or you just do not want to burden the world with your thoughts, feelings, or your desires, so you just write them down. I also feel that through writing you can make an unspoken connection with someone, help them to share in your joy, in your sorrows, or make them laugh... Some of these pieces describe things that have happened to me or things that I have felt or have been feeling, or they may just be there for sheer entertainment purposes. I hope you will enjoy them...I would also like to use this blog to have other writers share their pieces with me and with the other followers of this blog.

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Friday, November 13, 2015


Uncertainty -
The wind goes right through me. I feel so cold and I cannot catch my breath.
It is a scary feeling bit I find it exciting-
It makes me feel alive.
Could this be a break from the ordinary?
Are we always looking for that rush, that passion?
Are these feelings normal?
How do others combat these feelings?
Is it food?
gossip or something more physical - ?
Sometimes even hunger pains or the soreness can give you that rush...
What does this mean?
Do these things make us feel alive?
Why being in a room filled with people can still make us feel alone?
Why having everything you want can still make us feel empty?
What do we do to fill the time and then look back and say where did the time go?
Try to live, embrace every moment because that will be the moment that you will ache to relive and to embrace.
Wishing the moments away are the saddest thing.
Aching for something real.

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